Troubleshooting FAQ

This FAQ covers a variety of topics and addresses matters that come up frequently. As always, if you can't find an answer here please feel free to contact us directly at (620)663-5441.

I downloaded an eBook how can I  find it on my ereader?

eBooks borrowed from the Library don't usually show up in the same place on your ereader as titles you purchase like Books, My Books, or Library.  It will vary with the different types of ereaders.  Try looking in some other places on your reader like Archives, My Items, Files, My Files, My Stuff, or Digital Editions.

My device keeps freezing up what can I do?

First try resetting your device according to the manufacturers instructions.  On a Kindle Fire, press the power button for 20 seconds. For Nooks, 10-12 seconds should do it. On iPhones, iPads, etc., hold the power and home buttons down until the apple appears on the screen, then let go and wait for it to reboot.  If that doesn't work, uninstall the app, power down your device, then reinstall the app. It is a good idea to power down your device once in a while to let it "clear its head."  Just letting it go to sleep is not the same thing.

How do I know which eAudiobook format to choose?

MP3 eAudiobooks can be used with the widest variety of devices, including Apple products, smartphones, and MP3 players from manufacturers such as Creative and SanDisk.  DRM-Free WMA files are not compatible with smartphones, but work with most other devices.  If you use a smartphone or iPad to access Overdrive you will only see the MP3 format audiobooks.  If you check out WMA audiobooks on Overdrive, you will not be able to transfer them to your smartphone or iPad unless you first connnect the device to your PC with a USB cable and use iTunes to make the transfer. For more information, visit  OverDrive’s Device Resource Center.